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Skyrocket education and catch up and close the language gap with our personalised speech prompting storybook.

Prompt Saying First Words

Give children the opportunity catch up and close any delayed language gap with our speech prompting storybook. Made up of repeatable, rhythmic sentences and an easy-to-read print, when children reveal their photos and hear their names in the story, they will learn to speak and say their own names, as well as others. 

Teach Names

Photos serve as characters in the story and are used to model names in the narrative. Prompt saying "mum" and "dad" as well as others' names by including everybody in the book.

Social Bonding

Reading stories together effectively develops close and affectionate bonds, and by including important people in the storybook you can connect and form bonds between even distant family members and friends.

Skyrocket Education

Enrich and broaden children's education with a state-of-the-art book, see how they engage with seeing themselves and others in the lift-the-flap story. Boost their self-esteem, confidence, develop their imagination, bridge the diversity gap, nurture empathy, enhance early literacy skills, showcase their potential, encourage reading, bolster reading confidence and foster a love for books.


Homeschooling Ages 9 Months - 5 Years Old

We recommend including 2-8 people.

Top Tip - Include a child, and each member of the family including siblings, and anyone whose name you want them to learn to say.

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Empower Children To Speak And Say Names | 9 Months - 5 Years

Our storybook can be used to prompt speech, helping to distinguish a typical speech delay from more complex speech issues.

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