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Our personalised S.E.N. provision improves children’s speech and social outcomes, while fostering a love for learning.

Fully engage SEN students, either one-to-one or as a group, in an inclusive name learning pedagogical activity. Photos serve as characters in the story, and are used to model names in the narrative. Using photos for visual facial recognition and to model names for auditory name recognition, children get to practise speaking, and specifically get to say the names of everybody incorporated in the tailored storybook.

Areas Of Child Development

Intellectual - Children get to memorise the faces and the names of everybody included in the book, suitable for those students at a developmental level of the Engagement Model or Pre-Key Stage 1.

Emotional - Children see themselves as well as their family, teachers and peers as characters in the story which promotes positive self-image and empathy. Children get to feel emotions of bonding, amusement, lightheartedness, repetition, astonishment, surprise & playful bewilderment.

Social - Social skills start by recognising faces and then learning to say their names. Our inclusive story cultivates loving and meaningful relationships between everybody included inside the storybook and specifically caters to autistic students who often have targets to recognise and greet classmates. Furthermore from a social stories perspective, children will enjoy familiarising themselves with various social encounters as well as several modes of transport and cultural activities, reducing their social anxiety and building their confidence and independence. 

Physical - Lifting the pages develops gross motor skills and lifting playful flaps develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spacial awareness.

Statutory Compliance

We provide an early, inclusive, holistic, flexible, cost-effective and personalised educational provision for all children and young people at the Engagement Model or Pre-Key Stage 1 standard. Help students recognise and greet other classmates, which is a pattern of need for autistic students and build up their resilience for a fast paced world. Tailor targets based on individual needs and abilities.

Individual Intervention Ages 9 Months - 5 Years Old

We recommend including up to 10 people.

Top Tip - Include a S.E.N. child, their peers, and a teacher.

 - Establish goals for each child after the first reading.

 - Example target: “This child will recognize 3/7/10 people in 2/5/10 weeks.”



Group Intervention Ages 4 - 5 Years Old

We can include up to 15 people inside each book.

Top Tip - For larger groups of 16-30 we recommend ordering two books.

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Empower Children To Speak And Say Names | 9 Months - 5 Years

Our storybook can be used to prompt speech, helping to distinguish a typical speech delay from more complex speech issues.

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