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A speech prompting and name learning storybook to enhance all areas of learning, while reading for pleasure.


Communication And Language

Give children a pedagogical opportunity to practice speaking, and allow them to say their own names as well as the names of all peers, teachers and family included in the book.


Children learn while playing. Flaps are classed as an "element of play" and our storybook has other playful element such as personalised illustrations embedded into the story.

Personal, Social And Emotional Development

Children see themselves as well as their family, teachers and peers as characters in the story which promotes positive self-image, empathy and cultivates loving relationships.

Understanding The World

Photos are used to promote inclusion, equality, and diversitycultivating a broader world view and helping develop more meaningful relationships.


A high quality book with a modern yet timeless personalised story made up of repeatable, rhythmic sentences, with clear and easy to read print. For children who are falling out of love due to the allure of screens, the use of photos is a bridge to rekindling love for printed books while promoting healthy themes of exploration and social cohesion.

Expressive Art And Design

A unique child friendly medium made up of traditional hand painted art on a state-of-the-art board book. Eight imaginative and playful lift-the-flap illustrations inherently encourage creativity allowing children to explore their imaginations, experiment with new ideas, and express themselves freely.


Children develop their problem solving skills when manipulating the flaps to reveal story characters, they learn to compose and decompose shapes.

Physical Development

Lifting the flaps develops fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination and spacial awareness.


Our book is very inclusive, and all early years providers are required to promote equality of opportunity for children in their care, as set out in the EYFS Framework, including identifying and supporting children with Special Educational Needs or disabilities, see our S.E.N. Blog.


Small Group Ages 9 Months - 3 Years Old

We recommend including up to 8 people inside the book.


Large Group Ages 4 - 5 Years Old

We can include up to 15 people inside each book.

Top Tip - For larger groups of 16-30 we recommend ordering two books.

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Empower Children To Speak And Say Names | 9 Months - 5 Years

Our storybook can be used to prompt speech, helping to distinguish a typical speech delay from more complex speech issues.

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